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yoga + meditation

I encourage self exploration on the yoga mat and meditation cushion, inviting you to rediscover your inner guidance, passion and sense of wholeness that is at your core.

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art + creativity

My art serves as a meditation on the world around and within. It is a mindfulness practice I use to observe the ways I take in and engage with the world.

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writing + reflection

My explorations, reflections, and practices about how to be more alive in body, present in mind, and open in heart, ultimately leading to a more engaged and fulfilled life.

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What others are saying:

  • Amanda is a genuine soul, and a rare one at that. She has this incredibly organic talent for seeing what others need and being able to deliver that in a safe and held space. Every time I am in her presence she has this ability to make sure I leave feeling full of love. She is an incredibly talented teacher and yogi. If you ever have the opportunity to cross paths with this soul, I highly encourage you to take that chance.

    — Tiffany, student and yoga instructor, Denver, CO
  • Amanda's passion for the practice and teaching of yoga shines through her sweet spirit, knowledge of alignment, and understandable instruction. She embodies the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga with such compassion and grace. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone and everyone; she will make you feel right at home and welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

    — Lauren, student, Indianapolis, IN
  • Amanda Steinken is a ray of light, both as an instructor and as a person. On and off the mat, her knowledge and dedication to this practice is appreciated and cherished. Her professionalism is top notch; her classes are intelligently sequenced, creative, and approachable to students of all levels and backgrounds. Highly recommended.

    — Jacqueline Griffiths, Studio Owner, Funk Yoga and SUP, Co. Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
  • Amanda offered one of the best classes I have ever been to, ever. She was welcoming and encouraging, expertly and compassionately managing a class of participants of apparently diverse experience and ability. She gave great variations without singling anyone out, but also was available for personal adjustments and suggestions. Thank you, Amanda!

    — ClassPass anonymous student review, Chicago, IL
  • Amanda is fantastic! The moment I met her, I immediately felt as though I had known her for some timeโ€ฆand that she knew me! She quickly assessed what my body (and mind) needed and worked with me to attain my goals. I was both challenged and motivated and LOVED every minute of our sessions. I especially loved the calming environment and that she does not subscribe to a โ€œone size fits allโ€ approach. Highly recommend!

    — Erin Morgan, student, Chicago, IL

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