Knowing that possibility and creativity lie hidden in the folds of imperfection, I teach yoga as a means to honor your humanity, including any messiness and contradictions. I craft my classes to spark the innate rhythms within, striving for balance among deep yin stretches, supported restorative postures, strong holds, and sweaty and playful flows. My mission as a teacher is for you to experience your inner cadence and rediscover the resilience, wisdom, and spaciousness within.

I look forward to working with you!


“Amanda is present and supportive. She has a versatility in her voice that is strong and encouraging, pushing you to apply yourself, while also soothing, allowing you to breathe. She holds the space with her gracious and soft presence, inviting you to to become aware of your body, soul and mind. Her softness and freshness leave you feeling nourished and plentiful.”

- Angelyne, Chicago, IL


private lessons

Work one on one with Amanda to meet your goals and find your innate sense of spaciousness.

retreats + workshops

Dive deeper into your practice outside of the studio through exploring special events.

public classes

Practice vinyasa, restorative, and yin with Amanda at Bottom Line Yoga, Namaskar and Titan Gym.

training + testimonials

Learn more about what makes Amanda’s teaching so unique. Read about other students’ experiences.



Benefits of yoga:

-Increases vitality, engagement, and joy in life
-Improves physical and mental clarity
-Offers stress relief and quiets the thinking brain
-Increases flexibility
-Sustainably strengthens and tones body
-Eases chronic pain
-Lowers blood pressure
-Boosts immunity and improves sleep

My offerings:

-Introduction to yoga - yay! welcome!
-Vinyasa yoga, for playful and sweaty movement
-Alignment basics, to refine and uplevel your asana
-Restorative yoga, for profound relaxation
-Yoga nidra, the yoga of sleep
-Yoga therapeutics, for healing the body
-Guided meditation, for healing the mind
-Trauma-informed yoga, for healing the heart