Working one-on-one is a great opportunity to learn the basics, engage with an injury or limitation, or deepen and refine your practice. My specialized training in therapeutics, restorative, and trauma-informed yoga practices has given me many opportunities to work with yoga newbies, injured bodies and hearts, experienced yogis, youth, and old souls and bodies. Rooted in holistic traditions, my teaching honors your innate rhythms, creating opportunities for sustainable growth, transformation, and healing in body, mind, and heart.

Benefits of yoga:

-Increases vitality, engagement, and joy in life
-Improves physical and mental clarity
-Offers stress relief and quiets the thinking brain
-Increases flexibility (duh)
-Sustainably strengthens and tones body
-Eases chronic pain
-Lowers blood pressure
-Boosts immunity and improves sleep

My offerings:

-Introduction to yoga - yay! welcome!
-Vinyasa yoga, for playful and sweaty movement
-Alignment basics, to refine and uplevel your asana
-Restorative yoga, for profound relaxation
-Yoga nidra, the yoga of sleep
-Yoga therapeutics, for healing the body
-Guided meditation, for healing the mind
-Trauma-informed yoga, for healing the heart

Lessons are offered in the Chicagoland area and quarterly in Indianapolis. Learn more, e-mail or call 773-809-3560 to book a private lesson for up to five humans.